Melbourne, IA

Fire Department

The city, Logan Township and Washington Township are the owners of the Melbourne Volunteer Fire Department.  The volunteer fire department has been part of the history of our town since its very beginning.  From the early days of the “bucket brigade” until the present time, the department has changed and grown with the community.

Phone number is 641-482-2070, however, this phone is for messages only. This is a volunteer department and is not manned at all times. For any emergency, call 911.

Present Members:

Fire Chief David Gibbs
Assistant Chief Bob Monroe
Captain Steve Gibbs
Assistant Chief Mark Haskell
Firefighter Abra Huffaker
Firefighter Dick Monroe
Firefighter Gaege Bracy
Firefighter James Carmichael
Firefighter Lucas Hauser
Firefighter Ben Overman
Firefighter Stone Gibbs
Firefighter Brandon Overman
Firefighter Henry Lai
Firefighter Beth Opperman


Anyone who is interested in joining our department please contact any fireman or call 641-482-2070 or email  Our department has a junior firefighter program, please contact Fire Chief David Gibbs.  Monthly meetings are held first Wednesday of the month.